The aesthetic impression than Gordana’s paintings leaves on us are the characteristics of contemporary art; use of colors in a courageous way composed with a lot of emotions and the colors of extraordinary valor achieve fine coloristic effects, originality, composition, freedom of artistic expression.

This sensitive, gentle lady coped with the large formats and monumental compositions bravely and successfully and she generously donated them to the audience at her first solo exhibition.

There are few artists whose abstract works emit this kind of positive energy, do not leave us indifferent and cause excitement in us. While standing in front of them, absorbing their succulent juices we feel love and warmth although they lack a single figure or some recognizable form, at least the indications. Accumulating her spiritual energy by the adequate painting language Gordana subtly reflects her feelings, visions and imagination on the canvas, creating the magic of the artwork.

 Maja Skaljac Stanosevic, "Singidunum" 2014

Mattina Orgasmica

80x60 cm, 2013